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Horse Camping at Burns Knob

My hubby and I had a great time horse camping with our horses this past weekend at our mountain land in Criders, Virginia.  For a weekend in February, the weather was awesome as the temps got up to 50 degrees during the day!  We built a little electric pen for the horses to stay in which is very easy to build and works great.  (Usually)   This particular weekend, a helicopter flew right overhead for about an hour trimming the trees along the power line!  I had never seen anything like it and it was very interesting to watch, but our horses got spooked with the helicopter flying so close.  Our chestnut mare, Cali, actually ran thru the electric fence and they both took off running down thru the woods.  Oh dear.  I was a little afraid they might go out to the main road and get hurt or cause an accident, but thank goodness they calmed down and I was able to lead them back to camp before they got too far away.   Whew,  seems like there is always some type of excitement when camping with horses!   We eventually had an awesome trail ride all over the trails on our property.   🙂


This is the helicopter that was trimming the trees.  If you look real close, you can see the blade hanging below the helicopter.

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