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Justin & Mary Lighting Workshop | Richmond, VA

Wow!  Did I ever learn a lot at the lighting workshop that I attended in Richmond, VA given by the awesome photographers Justin & Mary Marantz!  I had been following their blog and absolutely fell in love with their style.  Their work is so classy and beautiful and when I saw that they were going to be giving a workshop in Richmond on lighting, I signed up immediately!  I love natural light photography (maybe because it is just easier than figuring out how to use the on camera and off camera flashes) but now I am psyched about flash photography.  We learned so much information in such a short time; I just hope I can remember it all.  Thank you Justin & Mary for all of your wonderful information on lighting!  You guys rock!


Justin is explaining to me how to use the wireless off camera flashes.

Of course it helps when we have beautiful models to photograph.





Jaime - July 16, 2012 - 5:04 pm

OMG! I would have totally done this with you!!! 🙂

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