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Stocking Trout | Criders, Virginia

What a fun weekend Douglas and I had camping and relaxing at our mountain property in Criders, VA this past weekend!  Douglas and Clark decided to stock our small pond with 75 trout this spring and this was the weekend the fish were to arrive!   And, of course, we had a lot of the Driver clan there to help with the big day.  Ha.  I don’t get quite as exited about trout as my husband and my son and all of the other Driver guys do, but as long as I have my horse with me, I’m good!  Coosa and I went on a nice trail ride Saturday morning through the mountains that were still partially snow covered and absolutely beautiful…and then it was time for the trout to arrive!   I unsaddled my horse and put him back in his corral and waited along with everyone else.  I have never seen anyone get so excited about fish!  My son Clark is an avid fisherman and would fish day and night if he could.  When the trout finally arrived, we decided that our pond was in a location that was too difficult for the truck to go, so we decided to transfer the trout from the truck they arrived on into 2 coolers that were strapped on 4 wheelers.   We used a big net to scoop them from the large holding tank on the back of the truck and dump them into the coolers.  It took about 3 trips on the 4 wheelers to get all the trout to the pond safely.  My little nieces, Jordan and Taylor, enjoyed the day 4 wheeling, feeding the fish, and hanging out by the campfire.  They both said they can’t wait to come again and maybe next time bring their fishing poles.   A wonderful weekend for all!








Pappy - March 29, 2013 - 12:56 pm

So, so sorry I wasn’t there!!!!!!

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