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Luke Elliott Driver

All I can say is YAY…Douglas and I are grandparents! God is so good. What fun and exciting times we have ahead of us!  It’s hard to explain the love and the joy that we already have for our little grandson, Luke.  I can see that being a grandma is going to be the best thing ever. Sweet little Luke Elliott Driver was born on 7/2/17 and he weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. and of course he is the most adorable little guy I have ever seen.  🙂  (One of the nurses at the hospital said I sounded just like all the other grandmas that came to see their grandchildren for the first time. Ha. Well, I don’t think so.)  We are so blessed that our son Clark and his wife Brooke and little Luke live just a few miles from us here in Broadway.  It is so nice to be able to see Luke several times a week (OK, I admit…I have seen him almost every day since he has been born)  🙂   Enjoy some of my favorites of little Luke and his sweet family.







Congratulations Clark and Brooke!  We are so proud of you!




Kristin & Philippe

What a beautiful destination wedding it was for Kristin and Philippe on the gorgeous Prince Edward Island, Canada! When the mother of the bride, who is one of my very good friends, told me their daughter Kristin was going to be married on Prince Edward Island, my husband and I were thrilled! We had never been to the Island and we definitely knew that it was a place that we wanted to visit. We anticipated the scenery was going to be beautiful and we knew that PEI is famous for its delicious mussels, and lobster…but most importantly, we would have the opportunity to visit and celebrate with the parents of the bride, our lifelong friends Chip and Dianne. So, of course we stayed a few extra days to make it a fun ‘vacation’ destination wedding.

The wedding took place on the beautiful lawn at the historical Fairholm Inn downtown Charlottetown, PEI. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor wedding… low 80’s, low humidity, blue skies and the sun was shining. Kristin and Philippe have a beautiful son named Cole who just turned 2 and what a sweetheart he is! Little Cole was a perfect little ring bearer, sporting a pink bowtie just like his dad! Kristin & Philippe are such a lovely, energetic couple and are a ton of fun to be around. I don’t think I saw either one of them without a smile on their face the whole weekend! Kristin and Philippe, I wish for you many wonderful, exciting, loving years together as husband and wife and parents to sweet Cole. Thank you so much for inviting Douglas and me to be a part of your special wedding day. We would not have missed it for the world!





Congratulations Kristin and Philippe!

Venue | Fairholm Inn, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Catering | Simple Pleasures, Intimate Catering

Flowers | Barb Jewell

Cake | Christine MacDonald

DJ | Music Express DJ Service

Wedding Planner | Lisa Doyle MacBain | Fairholm Inn

Wedding Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas 

Lizz & Branden

What a lovely wedding day it was for Lizz and Branden as they celebrated their special day at the Golden Horseshoe Inn in beautiful Stanardsville, Virginia.  The weather was amazing for an October day…cool and crisp in the morning and warming up to a sunny, gorgeous, 70 degree day.  The guests were greeted with hot apple cider on the front porch when they arrived. The afternoon ceremony was on the deck behind the Inn that overlooked a lovely pond surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lizz and Branden, you make the sweetest couple and I am so glad that I was able to witness your commitment of love. I wish for you many exciting, happy, and wonderful years together. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day!




lizbrandon_0057lizbrandon_0058lizbrandon_0059lizbrandon_0060lizbrandon_0106lizbrandon_0063lizbrandon_0064lizbrandon_0065lizbrandon_0066lizbrandon_0067lizbrandon_0111lizbrandon_0069lizbrandon_0071lizbrandon_0072lizbrandon_0073lizbrandon_0074lizbrandon_0075lizbrandon_0076lizbrandon_0077lizbrandon_0078lizbrandon_0094lizbrandon_0087lizbrandon_0107lizbrandon_0095lizbrandon_0118lizbrandon_0117lizbrandon_0096lizbrandon_0101lizbrandon_0089lizbrandon_0100lizbrandon_0092lizbrandon_0090lizbrandon_0126lizbrandon_0127lizbrandon_0079lizbrandon_0080lizbrandon_0081lizbrandon_0082lizbrandon_0083lizbrandon_0084lizbrandon_0085lizbrandon_0086lizbrandon_0088lizbrandon_0099lizbrandon_0120lizbrandon_0119lizbrandon_0108lizbrandon_0104lizbrandon_0105Congratulations Lizz & Branden!

Venue | Golden Horseshoe Inn

Catering | Roadside Chive

Wedding Coordinator | Heather Tusing (Golden Horseshoe Inn)

Cake | Julie Gardner

Flowers | Roadside Chive

Dress | Allure Bridal and Wendy’s Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Classic Tuxedos and Suits

Invitations | Handmade


Kinsey & Justin

Congratulations to Kinsey and Justin!  What a beautiful wedding day it was for this bride and groom as they celebrated “On Sunny Slope Farm” in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  From the forecast, we weren’t sure what the weather was going to do on this June day.  The morning of the wedding was quite damp and rainy and it looked as if it was going to rain all day, but by noon the sun was out and the day turned into an absolutely beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day for Kinsey and Justin!  These two met in middle school and became very good friends at a young age.  They reconnected in high school and started dating during their senior year. Kinsey and Justin are the sweetest couple and I could give them the award for being the calmest and most well organized bride and groom that I have worked with. Not a thing seemed to upset them and nothing was out of place, which made for a very  enjoyable day for everyone. What a relaxing, happy, fun-filled day it was!  Kinsey and Justin, I wish for you many wonderful, happy, exciting years together as you start your lives as husband and wife.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day!




KinseyJustinBlog_0106KinseyJustinBlog_0097KinseyJustinBlog_0098KinseyJustinBlog_0108KinseyJustinBlog_0013KinseyJustinBlog_0014KinseyJustinBlog_0015KinseyJustinBlog_0018KinseyJustinBlog_0016KinseyJustinBlog_0017KinseyJustinBlog_0019KinseyJustinBlog_0020KinseyJustinBlog_0021KinseyJustinBlog_0022KinseyJustinBlog_0023KinseyJustinBlog_0025KinseyJustinBlog_0026KinseyJustinBlog_0027KinseyJustinBlog_0028KinseyJustinBlog_0029KinseyJustinBlog_0102KinseyJustinBlog_0030KinseyJustinBlog_0032KinseyJustinBlog_0033KinseyJustinBlog_0034KinseyJustinBlog_0103KinseyJustinBlog_0035KinseyJustinBlog_0036KinseyJustinBlog_0037KinseyJustinBlog_0038KinseyJustinBlog_0039KinseyJustinBlog_0040KinseyJustinBlog_0041KinseyJustinBlog_0042KinseyJustinBlog_0043KinseyJustinBlog_0046KinseyJustinBlog_0045KinseyJustinBlog_0048KinseyJustinBlog_0047KinseyJustinBlog_0049KinseyJustinBlog_0105KinseyJustinBlog_0051KinseyJustinBlog_0052KinseyJustinBlog_0053KinseyJustinBlog_0055KinseyJustinBlog_0094KinseyJustinBlog_0057KinseyJustinBlog_0058KinseyJustinBlog_0059KinseyJustinBlog_0060KinseyJustinBlog_0061KinseyJustinBlog_0062KinseyJustinBlog_0063KinseyJustinBlog_0064KinseyJustinBlog_0065KinseyJustinBlog_0066KinseyJustinBlog_0067KinseyJustinBlog_0068KinseyJustinBlog_0069KinseyJustinBlog_0089KinseyJustinBlog_0080KinseyJustinBlog_0090KinseyJustinBlog_0095KinseyJustinBlog_0084KinseyJustinBlog_0096KinseyJustinBlog_0070KinseyJustinBlog_0071KinseyJustinBlog_0076KinseyJustinBlog_0088KinseyJustinBlog_0072KinseyJustinBlog_0073KinseyJustinBlog_0075KinseyJustinBlog_0086KinseyJustinBlog_0107KinseyJustinBlog_0077KinseyJustinBlog_0087KinseyJustinBlog_0104Congratulations, Kinsey & Justin!

Ceremony Venue | Dayton Mennonite Church

Reception Venue | On Sunny Slope Farm

Catering | Irene Koogler

Florals | Blakemore’s Flowers

Cake | Buttercream Dreams

Bride’s Dress | Bridal Impressions | Harrisonburg, VA

Bridesmaids Dresses | Bridal Impressions

Wedding Invitations | Exclusively Weddings

DJ | Jason Voigt

Emily & Chris

Emily & Chris have a passion for the out-of-doors so they decided to celebrate their lovely wedding day in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  This particular day just so happened to be one of the typical rainy days that we had been having almost every day during the month of May here in the Valley this year, but that did not stop them from having the most beautiful wedding day ever!  The rain actually stopped mid morning and the weather behaved itself the rest of the day, so these two were able to have their ceremony outside on the Pinnacles Lawn just as planned. As the fog rolled in I loved the way it added a mysterious beauty to the day.  Emily and Chris, you guys are the sweetest couple and I so enjoyed getting to know you and your families.  Thank you both so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day.  I wish for you many blessings and many wonderful, exciting years as you start your lives together as husband and wife.




EmilyChris_0058EmilyChris_0059EmilyChris_0004EmilyChris_0006EmilyChris_0009EmilyChris_0054EmilyChris_0005EmilyChris_0011EmilyChris_0007EmilyChris_0014EmilyChris_0015EmilyChrisFB_0015EmilyChrisFB_0012EmilyChris_0016EmilyChrisFB_0017EmilyChris_0013EmilyChris_0019EmilyChris_0067EmilyChris_0023EmilyChris_0018EmilyChris_0085EmilyChris_0025EmilyChris_0084EmilyChris_0056EmilyChris_0028EmilyChris_0029EmilyChris_0030EmilyChris_0031EmilyChris_0068EmilyChris_0036EmilyChris_0040EmilyChris_0034EmilyChris_0035EmilyChris_0037EmilyChris_0065EmilyChris_0066EmilyChris_0043EmilyChrisFB_0022EmilyChrisFB_0019EmilyChris_0044EmilyChris_0089EmilyChris_0049EmilyChrisFB_0014EmilyChris_0045EmilyChris_0046EmilyChris_0042EmilyChris_0050EmilyChris_0051EmilyChris_0052EmilyChris_0083EmilyChris_0080EmilyChris_0076EmilyChris_0086EmilyChris_0081EmilyChris_0070EmilyChris_0071EmilyChris_0072EmilyChrisFB_0030EmilyChris_0074EmilyChris_0075EmilyChrisFB_0003EmilyChris_0082EmilyChris_0087EmilyChrisFB_0029Congratulations Emily & Chris!!

Ceremony Venue | Pinnacles Lawn | Skyland Resort | Skyline Drive

Reception Venue | Conference Hall | Skyland Resort

Wedding Planner | Stacey Painter (Skyland Resort)  & Marquita (family friend)

Catering | Skyland Resort

Florist | Flowers By Rose

Cake | Buttercream Dreams

Dress | Reflections

Bridesmaids Dresses | Nordstrom

Groomsmen Attire | JC Penney

Hair & Makeup | Envy by Design | Lisa Coakley

Decorations | Amy Slaubaugh

DJ | Nathan May

Videographer | Austin Folsom

Invitations | Minted

Pam Clatterbuck - May 28, 2016 - 6:37 pm

Emily & Chris,
Congratulations and thanks for sharing your beautiful day!
Can’t wait to see you sometime this year!

Brooke Goodwin - June 3, 2016 - 12:52 am

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Wow!

Alicia & Ken

Alicia & Ken are married!  Yay! It was a gorgeous wedding day “On Sunny Slope Farm” in the lovely Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Alicia & Ken both live in the city of Germantown, Maryland, and were looking to get away from the busyness of city life and wanted to celebrate their special day in the country. They happened upon the lovely venue “On Sunny Slope Farm” which is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. With views of green hills, cows grazing in pastures, picturesque barns, and the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains as a backdrop, it couldn’t have been more perfect setting for their day. The newlyweds definitely lucked out with beautiful sunny 70 degree April weather!  (the previous weekend was snow, sleet, rain and high winds!) The passion between these two was amazing and I absolutely loved watching them together. It was a celebratory day with friends and family traveling from across the country to witness the love between these two. Alicia and Ken, I wish for you many wonderful years together filled with lots of love, adventure and happiness.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day!








KenAlishaBlog_0070Congratulations Alicia & Ken!!


Venue | On Sunny Slope Farm

Catering | Hanks Smokehouse

Cake | Buttercream Dreams

Florist | Flowers By Rose

Wedding Planner | Jessica Lail

DJ | King Studios

Dress | David Bridals

Groom’s Attire | Joseph A.  Bank

Invitations | Vista Print

Emily & Chris

When I met Emily and Chris for the first time, I fell in love with them immediately! They are the sweetest couple. They both love the mountains and the out of doors so they decided to have their engagement shoot at the home of Emily’s parents where Emily grew up.  Emily’s parents live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge mountains, woods and picturesque farmland surrounding their home.  It was a crisp, cool winter day and just perfect for being outside enjoying nature. Emily and Chris also brought their sweet black & white pup, Emmy, along for the shoot and what a ball of energy she is!  All you have to do is say the word “ball” and wow does she get excited! And she was such a good girl when it was time to sit still.  Emily and Chris, thank you so much for a fun afternoon and I wish you lots of luck with your wedding planning. I am so looking forward to your lovely wedding in the mountains this spring!





Congratulations on your engagement, Emily & Chris!

Allison & Robert

Congratulations Allison & Robert!  It was a gorgeous wedding celebration for Allison and Robert at the lovely Stonewall Jackson Hotel in downtown Staunton, Virginia.  These two are such a sweet couple. I met them for the first time a few months ago and immediately fell in love with them.  Even though Allison and Robert do not currently live in Virginia, Allison is originally from Virginia and they both decided that getting married in a state with the motto of “Virginia is for Lovers” would be a terrific way to start their lives together.  So, downtown historic Staunton, Virginia in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley won the vote for the wedding celebration. Allison chose a style that was simple, classic and elegant using colors of whites, blush pinks and light grays. I loved her choice of flowers and I also loved the fact that she let each bridesmaid choose her own unique dress. Allison and Robert, thank you so much for the invitation to celebrate with you. Your wedding was so much fun.  I wish you all the best for a wonderful life together!





AshleyWesBlog_0119Allison&Robert_0002Allison&Robert_0003AshleyWesBlog_0120AshleyWesBlog_0121AshleyWesBlog_0123AshleyWesBlog_0124Allison&Robert_0058Allison&Robert_0104Allison&Robert_0022Allison&Robert_0112Allison&Robert_0100Allison&Robert_0101Allison&Robert_0103AshleyWesBlog_0125Allison&Robert_0005Allison&Robert_0111Allison&Robert_0018Allison&Robert_0114Allison&Robert_0007Allison&Robert_0012Allison&Robert_0013Allison&Robert_0011Allison&Robert_0010Allison&Robert_0015Allison&Robert_0016Allison&Robert_0079Allison&Robert_0024Allison&Robert_0082Allison&Robert_0075Allison&Robert_0081Allison&Robert_0084Allison&Robert_0076Allison&Robert_0107Allison&Robert_0078Allison&Robert_0027Allison&Robert_0080Allison&Robert_0034Allison&Robert_0035Allison&Robert_0093Allison&Robert_0085Allison&Robert_0092Allison&Robert_0087Allison&Robert_0088Allison&Robert_0061Allison&Robert_0037Allison&Robert_0046Allison&Robert_0098Allison&Robert_0062Allison&Robert_0108Allison&Robert_0095Allison&Robert_0047Allison&Robert_0060Allison&Robert_0053Allison&Robert_0055Allison&Robert_0063Allison&Robert_0067Allison&Robert_0064Allison&Robert_0066Allison&Robert_0099Allison&Robert_0072Congratulations Allison & Robert!!


Venue | Stonewall Jackson Hotel | Staunton, Virginia

Catering | Stonewall Jackson Hotel

Cake | Cakes by Cathy Stewart

Flowers | Blue Ridge Floral Design

Dress | Rosa Clara | The Designer Loft Bridal Boutique | New York, NY

Groomsmen Attire | Michael Kors Tuxedos

DJ | XLS Entertainment

 Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas